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At it's very heart, Queensberry began out of a desire to design and make beautiful things. In 1969, in Auckland New Zealand, with no money but plenty of enthusiasm, a young Heather Baugh decided that she'd like to make her mother a leather handbag.

Coming from a family of artists and designers, creativity was in her DNA, and she soon discovered an affinity for leather that led her to start her own handcraft leather business. 

Heather made albums from the start, and as the family business continued to grow Queensberry's partnership with photographers created a strong foundation. Today, every product and service under the Queensberry brand must stand up to the test of making life for the professional photographer simpler, more profitable and more fun, from beautiful products and presentation, to online hosting and e-commerce.

At the same time we never forget Heather's insight that we, with our photographer partners, are here to serve those "strangers in the viewfinder" by crafting their memories into treasured possessions that tell their unique stories.



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KCL began as a full service lab 25 years ago. Over the years, KCL has expanded tremendously. Now they provide album designing, printing and binding service; creating some of the very classy and modern albums. All the services they provide are done in-house to provide prompt service with the highest quality.

KCL is recognized as a prime photography service provider catering to professional photographers. They utilize the most advanced digital equipments, supported by highly skilled and experienced staff.