Welcome to Sweet 16 Photography by Umberto Esposito

There is such great beauty all around us & within our daily lives…I can’t help but be continually inspired by it all! My fine art photography allows me to connect with people & their lives in a way words cannot. I am incredibly passionate about my job, my clients, my family, my friends and simply life in general! Truly, I feel so blessed and thankful.

My philosophy of shooting is guided by a core principle of finding what the ”moment” is and capturing it. I seek to use more than just my eye looking through a viewfinder. When shooting, I use all my senses to find scenes that make me feel good and appeal to me. When shooting people, I try to capture the small details of what makes them unique. Everyone has them. It’s the inner beauty that is sometimes covered up that makes us all special. I use my own style that says who I am as a photographer and it comes from the heart. As long as we shoot from the heart, our life, our passions, our work, will be special!



Umberto, you are amazing!!! Thank you for capturing all the the joy, love and celebration we shared in our daughter's Sweet 16th. You are so talented and it was such a pleasure working with you. You made us all feel comfortable and beautiful. 

With grateful hearts, best wishes and love. God bless you.


The O'Rourke Family