Welcome to Wedding Photography by Umberto Esposito

There is such great beauty all around us & within our daily lives…I can’t help but be continually inspired by it all! My fine art photography allows me to connect with people & their lives in a way words cannot. I am incredibly passionate about my job, my clients, my family, my friends and simply life in general! Truly, I feel so blessed and thankful.

My philosophy of shooting is guided by a core principle of finding what the ”moment” is and capturing it. I seek to use more than just my eye looking through a viewfinder. When shooting, I use all my senses to find scenes that make me feel good and appeal to me. When shooting people, I try to capture the small details of what makes them unique. Everyone has them. It’s the inner beauty that is sometimes covered up that makes us all special. I use my own style that says who I am as a photographer and it comes from the heart. As long as we shoot from the heart, our life, our passions, our work, will be special!