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Images taken to tell every detail of the most beautiful day of your life are skilfully laid out in a book that will allow you to shield forever the joy of unrepeatable moments.

Among its pages you will relive the poetry of every instant, rejoice and excite with the emotions lived and see again all your dear people and you, in a new light that will astonish you forever.

Imagine a different quality, graphic design never seen before and a very high quality printing on precious cardboard or on photographic or metallic paper.

Find the professional close to you and contact him to touch with your hands the inimitable quality of the Digital Matted Album.

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Graphistudio, the inventor of the Wedding Book

Made in Italy quality envied by the world.

Every Graphistudio Wedding Book® is created to last for several generations, shielding the photographic work, the forms and colours. Refined materials, special features like our seamless binding (internationally patented), the perfectly lay-flat pages and the meticulous care for the details are the distinctive signs of every Graphistudio Wedding Book®: a guaranteed memory preserving over the time the beauty and the emotions of your wedding.

All along State-of-the-art

Graphistudio is the first company in the world using the most advanced digital technologies to give value to the wedding book, the first company to introduce a seamless binding system, the first company to offer personalized covers in a unique range of materials and designs. A staff composed by over 200 people, among those wedding experts, photographers, designers, printers and binders, at your complete disposal to create a unique and inimitable product.


Love at first sight.

An exceptional product that valorises the photographic reportage by combining the very high definition printing with the prestigious editorial guise, exclusive of the great works.

The range of sizes, printing supports, covers, coordinated accessories and pricing is extraordinary wide.



From the inventor of the wedding book, the greatest news of the century.

The expressive strength you can reach without parallel. The combination of different papers, the selective lamination with relief effects and the printing on cardboard allow you to create works that yesterday were still unimaginable


Choose your style

Five stunning layouts and fantastic effects

The Wedding Book® can be meticulously designed in different styles that evaluate your images.
The photographers will transform your images by using state-of-the-art tools to digitalize, lay out and publish the images of the most beautiful day. The sweetest images of an unforgettable day will become a fantastic book.
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