When things matter, you've got one shot.

And there's no substitute for experience.
When it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime moments—when you've got one shot at getting it right—you better make sure the person behind the camera is a real pro. A proven professional photographer that is.

Why hire a Certified Pro?

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
There's no greater proof than when the 3 letters "CPP" follow a photographer's name. They designate a Certified Professional Photographer, someone who's put in the extra work to stay above the rest. It assures you of this photographer's professional knowledge and experience, while also declaring him/her as someone who has achieved and maintains high standards in photography.

See the difference you get with Certified Professional Photographers

  • Consistency. They'll achieve great results—every time.
  • Technical Skills. They are are more than picture takers. They are experts in lighting, posing, fashion and even interior design.
  • Unique Artistry. They have the skills to create unique, customized works of art—not cookie-cutter pictures. It's YOUR story they capture, as a collection of art.
  • Professionalism. You'll be getting someone willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible images.

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Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the largest non-profit photographic association in the world. Created by professional photographers, for professional photographers, PPA is an excellent source for information on what to look for when evaluating photographers. CPPs are proud members of PPA.